What We Do: Improve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your IT infrastructure and data systems. At VIRDIGI, our mission is to offer secure, robust, Enterprise-focused IT solutions and we’ve been serving the market since 1994.


Everyone knows that shielding your data from prying eyes outside your walls is crucial to maintain your competitive edge, but have you considered that your biggest security threat may be within your organization? Regardless of their relationship to your operations, we can help insulate your information from unauthorized users using a custom access control solution.

In today’s world of minute-to-minute attacks on information systems, it’s no longer enough to focus on just the accessibility of your data assets; you need the assurance that your crucial information remains accurate and consistent.  VIRDIGI can help safeguard your services against attempts to delete or manipulate the data that powers your organization.

A productive team requires dependable access to your software and services, and unexpected downtime can cripple the performance of your organization.  VIRDIGI can increase fault tolerance against unexpected events, implement disaster recovery strategies to mitigate risk, and reduce the need for scheduled downtime of your most essential assets.